About us

MTÜ Sports Club Biomechanics Group is a sports club which handels trampoline athletics and started it´s activity in 1998. The club belongs to Estonian Gymnastics Federation.

Since 1998 there has been hundreds of youngsters who have obtained the skill of trampolining. Today there are 3 trainers and 65 students in the club at the age of 4-20.

Trampoline athletics is quite popular sport in the world and it is even performed in the Olympic Games. Trampoline athletics is one of the few sports that you can start very early: at age of 3-4. It is involved with choreography and gymnastics but it also requires good stamina and strenght. Besides the jumping skill you will also acquire beautiful posture, strenghten your health and with good results the best qymnasts might become professional trampoline gymnasts.

The first goal for the club was to introduce attractive sport for youths. Later came a request to compete in international competitions. Since 2002 Biomechanics Group has attended in international competitions and the club has organized the 1th, 2nd and 3rd Estonian Opened Cup in Trampoline.

Right now there are trainings 4..5 times per week. That accures summer training camps.